November 3, 2012


At CrossFit Future we have a wide range of class types to meet all your fitness goals. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to build strength, gain endurance, or prepare for your next competition, we have a class just for you. Our classes are led by CrossFit Level 1 trainers or apprentices.

All classes are open to all ages unless otherwise noted and the workouts will be scaled to match your skill level… this applies to the both the novice & the expert. Classes will start at the noted times and will last an hour.  Be prepared to have a great time, learn a lot, and experience the best workout of your life!

CrossFit 101 – This class follows the same programming as the standard class but scaled for beginners, and placing more emphasis on the finer details. This class is recommended for athletes getting used to the CrossFit regimen.

CrossFit – This is the standard class we offer that people looking for an all-around great workout. This class consists of a warmup session, a strength or skill segment, and concludes with our specially programmed workout of the day (WOD) that reinforces the skills worked on during the strength / skill segment.

CrossFit Kids – These classes are built around functional movements to help kids develop a broad range of fitness. The movements and skills we aim to develop are the ones that kids do every day as part of being a kid: running, throwing, climbing, jumping, lifting, etc… These classes will improve flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and endurance. Being better in these areas will help kids be better all around athletes no matter what other activities they engage in. The programming changes daily to help keep kids from getting bored. Workouts will be scalable so that all kids in our target age range of 7-12 years of age will be able to participate regardless of their current age or level of fitness.

Strength – Strength sessions focus more on form and the building blocks for increasing PRs & power. Used as a compliment to traditional CrossFit classes it’s a great way to hit a double session with the 9am CrossFit class following immediately after.

Endurance – Endurance sessions focus on longer WODs with less barbell work & more cardio-focused exercises. Rowing, running, long reps & lighter weights are all included in our endurance sessions.

Competition & Muscle-up Club (Seasonal) – Competition programming is designed to provide a ‘3 WODs in an Hour’ format in a competition environment. These exhausting sessions are a great way to build CrossFit staying power in a head to head session. During this same class time there will also be a dedicated skill section focused on helping people get their first or improve their form on the elusive muscle-up skills.

Mobility – In order to function our best athletically and in every day life we need to understand how to properly warm-up our muscles before physical activity, and cool down when we’re done. This class will teach you those techniques and also spend some time focusing on developing proper movement patterns.

Olympic Lifting – The olympic lifts are some of the most technical and complicated moves that we perform. Those wanting extra work on these moves with a certified instructor can come to this class to work on their technique.

Air Assault Spin –  Every class will be different . 5-8 min warmup.each song will be a different type of exercise. There will be a different playlist for each class. One song might be Tabata. One song will be speed/endurance. One song using only legs. One song using only arms and so on. In between we can do Burpee’s push-ups air squats sit ups rowing depending on if the class is using the rowers. The last song will be cool down stretching song.

Open Box – This time allows any member extra time to work on techniques of their choice to develop their skills outside of the regular class setting. Extra, focused training on your weaknesses can help you improve your skills more rapidly. Open Gym time is offered during Sunday afternoons from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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