November 3, 2012

Our Facility

Our Facility Facts

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8,000 square feet overall

5,000 square feet of workout area

Welcome entrance area with both men’s and women’s rest rooms

Big ass fan to keep things cool

Future Sports Bar


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Dock doors to let in that awesome natural air and light

Back alley for running sprints, dragging sleds, and getting outside

Front open field for weekend workouts and special events

Future Pro Shop for all your gear and supplement needs


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Indoor turf strips for sprints and sled work during inclement weather

42’x14′ deck for special events or catching some sun while you row

Lounge for hanging out before or after WODs

Showers so you can be superhuman at the gym and still have your alter-ego make it to work on-time and smelling fresh.


Virtual Tour

bathroom 2

Pool table

Bar 1

Front 2 (1)

Front Entrance



You won’t find any calf raise, pec-deck, or cable machines here!  What we do have is all the best of breed equipment necessary for getting a killer Crossfit workout. Most of it made right here in Columbus, Ohio by Rogue Fitness. We’re constantly getting new equipment to keep the WODs interesting and help our athletes improve. A snapshot of our current gear includes:

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Rogue I-series rigs

Rouge barbells and bumper plates

Concept 2 rowing machines

Climbing ropes

GHDs and reverse hyper


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Kettle bells

Plyometric boxes

Dirty South & Speal bars

Cannon ball grips

Wall and slam balls


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RX jump ropes

Giant tires and sledge hammers

Mobility gear (foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands)


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