How to earn with CrossFit

CrossFit is a type of high-intensity fitness that is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. It is a system of circular training, which helps to work for all muscle groups as effectively as possible.
CrossFit first appeared in the United States as an element of firefighter training. It quickly became popular because it not only increases muscle mass but also, at the same time, trains endurance.

Another plus of crossfit training, in addition to efficiency – saving time. Today’s complex is designed for 10 minutes. During this time, you need to perform as many rounds of exercises as you can. Rest between circles for no more than 2 minutes.
CrossFit training includes exercises to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as lifting weights and strength training. With the help of this sport, you can evaluate a person’s various skills and physical fitness.

How to prepare for CrossFit at home?

Before performing complex functional CrossFit complexes in the gym or fitness club, start with the simplest exercises at home. An effective complex that does not take much time, includes five exercises that can be performed alternately in 3-4 approaches 12-15 repetitions or in a row without stopping in the circuit training mode.

  • Perform squats with dumbbells in hand weighing 5-10 kg
  • Push-ups from the floor with your feet. If you find it difficult to do push-ups from the legs, then perform them from the knees.
  • Do lunges with a step back without dumbbells.
  • Thrust dumbbells weighing 5-7 kg, while standing at an angle.
  • Twisting on the press.

You can use skipping rope as a warm-up or an additional endurance exercise. Usually, count the number of jumps or exercise time. If all this already seems too simple, you can count the number of jumps per unit time.

How to make money on CrossFit?

Many people think that sports are only for a beautiful body. But in fact, you are able to make good money on it!
Only people who are deeply passionate, attentive, and serious are able to make money on betting CrossFit. Knowledge of the specifics of the competition is not enough. You need to understand the rules that bookmakers set and be able to calculate the likelihood of different events.
The basic rule of betting on CrossFit is the same as on any other sport: in order not to go bankrupt, don’t place bets that exceed the limited limit. Starting your betting career, determine the budget that you allocate for your new occupation. Set a limit on what you spend. It’s great if you use 2/3 of all the allocated money, and leave 1/3 as an emergency reserve in case of a complete loss.
When placing a bet, you must have a strategy for the game. You may develop it yourself or use the already known options. All betting strategies are conditionally divided into two groups: active and passive. The first ones involve betting on events, the probability of which is high. The second is participation in betting on controversial matches.

It is better to place bets in large offices. Famous bookmakers value their reputation. When faced with a situation where a little-known office offers profitable odds on an event in which you are almost sure, think about it. This could be money-defrauding.
You must understand that the goal of any bookmaker is to make a profit. The work of bookmakers is based on a mathematical model, with the help of which the odds for different bets are calculated. The correct calculation of odds allows the office to receive profit for any outcome of the event.