Secrets and tips of crossfit betting

CrossFit is a system of functional high-intensity training, which is based on elements of such disciplines as weightlifting, gymnastics, aerobics, kettlebell lifting, strongman exercises and other sports.
Crossfit is a competitive sport with tournaments all over the world, including Russia. In addition, CrossFit is a trademark (brand) registered in the United States by Greg Glassman in 2000.
Today, as physical training, there are different types of CrossFit, depending on the purpose: it is used in combat and security units, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, in self-defense courses, as a training set for sports teams.

What kind of CrossFit competition are there?

CrossFit is a discipline with a competitive spirit. The competitions test the main indicators of physical activity. When these indicators grow to a serious level, many athletes have a desire to test themselves at a new level.
Competitions are held at the following levels:

  • Professional World Championship;
  • European Championship European Regionals;
  • national competitions among representatives of one country.

The first global competition took place in 2007 in Carson, USA, California. Since then, its Games has become an annual event, usually scheduled for early August. Initially, the qualifying rounds were held in two stages one after another, now they are held simultaneously.
The competition program and tests change every year, as well as the standards provided separately for men and women. There are no standards for children, crossfit is a hard sport, especially in the ruthless part, so all participants are adults. But there is no upper age limit, there is even a separate nomination for the oldest participants.

What betting tips do experts give?

It is better not to bet large amounts on clear favorites, because bookmakers offer low odds on them. Moreover, in the history of various CrossFit competitions there are many cases when the leaders of the races drop out of the game or lose. Winning a favorite doesn’t make much money, but losing it can be ruinous if you decide to put all your money on the line.
Do not make multiple bets with multiple outcomes. This seems to increase the likelihood of winning. In fact, the opposite is true. For the bet to work, all events must be realized.
Some betting beginners choose the way they follow the advice of a capper. This is the name of the people who make predictions for the matches. They run their own websites and get paid for the ads they place on them. Remember that a privateer’s earnings directly depend on the number of users he managed to bring to his resource. Before using the predictions of a capper, study the information about him. You can find it on specialized forums. In no case should you refuse the advice of an intelligent capper.
These are just the simplest tips. Remember that the main thing is to overcome the gambler in yourself, discard subjectivity and develop the skills of sober thinking. Remember that excitement is a bad advisor, and betting is the daily training of your demons.

Is it worth betting on CrossFit?

When starting your career as a professional bettor in CrossFit, remember that there are no “win-win” options. On the way, there will be people who will try to convince you otherwise. Their goal is to get easy money from the gullible simpleton.
Be patient. If you want to achieve great success, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort searching for information and developing your own strategy. Only persistent and smart people manage to make betting the main source of income.